25. September 2011

Social Media Study Tour in the Bay Area

In the upcoming week I will participate in the Social Media Study Tour within the Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape program on behalf of the FHS St. Gallen

The study tour has been organized by Swissnex San Francisco. The tour's program promises a very interesting and intense week.
Of course the study tour shall be covered by Social Media such as Twitter (#fallstudytour), Facebook, flickr, and the Swissnex blog.

Personally, I have several expectations: 
First, I am looking forward to get new insights, to learn from experiences of others, and to get inputs through the visits to companies and universities, talking to Social Media people in these institutions, and working on respective issues in workshops. 
Second, I am looking forward to meet Social Media enthusiastic colleagues from other Swiss universities in order to share experiences about different settings within the Swiss higher education system as well.
And finally, I am really eager to meet new people and to enjoy San Francisco, the Bay Area, and Silcion Valley!

As the study tour takes place in an English speaking environment I decided to put down my personal notes from the study tour on my blog in English as well. 

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