20. Oktober 2011

Electronic Markets Presence in Social Media

Since twenty years we now have  Electronic Markets.

It started as a newsletter and developed to a well recognized, international, SSCI listed scholarly journal published by Springer.

Currently, we are preparing the last issue of the 21st volume of Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked Business

Since September we are present in social media as well to be closer to especially our readers and authors as well as all other friends:

You can find the journal on Facebook on
Here we will announce news about the journal and closely related content. Please fell free to Like the page and/or the content, to comment and to add content.

Furthermore, we also have a Twitter account: @Journal_EM.
Through Twitter we will announce news about the journal as well, but will also distribute content that might be of interest to our readers and authors.

Please have a look and support our journal! Maybe you iLike it.

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