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15. November 2012

"Social media are just a tool" - Closing Event of the Program Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape

Christian Simm opens the closing event
On Novermber 13th the closing event of program Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape took place at the University of Basel (see some photos on facebook and flickr).

It was not only interesting and inspiring to follow the presentations but to meet many of the program participants again as well.

The rector of the University of Basel, Antonio Loprieno, stressed the role of digital media in academia and compared its disruptive potential with the invention of the printing press.

Christian Simm opened the event on behalf of SwissnexSF who has organized the program and said may be the most important message of the day right at the beginning: "Social media are just a tool".

Matthias Lüfkens gave a very inspiring keynote talk on How Leaders Tweet. A dialogue opens new ways ways for diplomacy beyond the traditional channels as well he said and gave some examples - Lüfkens authored the respective study twiplomacy. He also confirmed that there is a cultural lag of using Twitter in German speaking countries.
In general, tweeting may have three different goals: broadcasting information, humanizing organizations and governments, and engaging followers.
See more about this talk by Marcel Bernet here and here.

During the following panel about the use of Social Media in Switzerland  Barnaby Skinner asked the panelist about the worst mistakes one can do in social media: hiring the wrong people, having no goals, being afraid, not following the idea of "keep it simple", no content strategy.
We also learned about how to start a social media project: "Don't ask for permission, just do it bottom up".

"Social media has the potential to be transformative to universities", this was one of the findings of Ian Hsu in his final presentation. Ian was the social media manager at Stanford University for more than five years, we met him during the Fall 2011 study tour at Stanford already. He also complemented Christian's statement from the opening: "Social media is not our goal" he said.
He also presented some interesting numbers: In Q IV/2011 Stanford counted 600'000 unique users per month on Facebook, but only 100'000 were organic, thus 500'000 viral. And he reported about a crowdsourcing activity among employees during the beginning of the financial crisis where ideas were sought to make Stanford more efficient - some of the ideas save several millions of dollars today he said.

During the report about the Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape program FHS St. Gallen's recently launched Facebook page was mentioned - thanks for that.

Julia Kuhn Mirza, Swissnex SF,  presents the
FHS St. Gallen Facebook page

See my post about the program's Fall 2011 study tour.

30. September 2011

Workshop on Social Media Campaigns and Presentation of Mobile Solutions - Social Media Study Tour Day 5 (final)

Working with David Harris
(photo by SwissnexSF)
On the final day of the Social Media Study Tour we again started off with a workshop, this time with David Harris (@physicsdavid).

Based on his background as a scientist and science journalist we worked on concrete examples from our respective institutions adopting David's methodology on planning a social media campaign. One of his key messages was to define communications goals and its audience and messages first before thinking of how social media  - besides any other media - might help.

After a nice guided tour through the origins of the city we finally visited Blackboard Mobile. (BlackboardTV)

28. September 2011

Experiencing the Silicon Valley - Social Media Study Tour Day 3

Presentation at Wildfire HQ
After the great introduction to the Silicon Valley by Chuck Darrah  on day 1 today, on day 3, the group (here and here) experienced the Silicon Valley. After a presentation about the Swiss Start-Up Webdoc, founded in 2009, by its co-founder Vincent Borel we visited Youtube, Wildfire, and LinkedIn, a vivid experience of Silicon Valley.

What are the takeaways?

First of all, all four companies have their own corporate culture:

26. September 2011

"They all cook with water" - Day 1 of Social Media Study Tour

The Campanile at the UCB Campus
After a nice dinner at Kuleto’s on Sunday night today the Social Media Study Tour (the group) was kicked off at Swissnex. At the introduction to Swissnex (what we do) Christian Simm gave us the first important advice: They all cook with water!

The first highlight of the day was the presentation by Chuck Darrah. As a cultural anthropologist having neither a cell phone nor any social media presence he discussed the question what is Silicon Valley all about? And he’s convinced: “It’s a place not only for technological but also for social and cultural innovation.
He came up with three main characteristics of the Silicon Valley:

1. Prevalence of high tech industry, spirit of innovation, creation of high tech jobs, culture of risk taking, big sense of optimism, 2. Complex cultural diversity, and 3. being an area of management with deeply connected networks which are constantly evolving: “networks are sometimes more real than companies”.

25. September 2011

Social Media Study Tour in the Bay Area

In the upcoming week I will participate in the Social Media Study Tour within the Swiss Academia and the Social Media Landscape program on behalf of the FHS St. Gallen

The study tour has been organized by Swissnex San Francisco. The tour's program promises a very interesting and intense week.
Of course the study tour shall be covered by Social Media such as Twitter (#fallstudytour), Facebook, flickr, and the Swissnex blog.

Personally, I have several expectations: 
First, I am looking forward to get new insights, to learn from experiences of others, and to get inputs through the visits to companies and universities, talking to Social Media people in these institutions, and working on respective issues in workshops. 
Second, I am looking forward to meet Social Media enthusiastic colleagues from other Swiss universities in order to share experiences about different settings within the Swiss higher education system as well.
And finally, I am really eager to meet new people and to enjoy San Francisco, the Bay Area, and Silcion Valley!

As the study tour takes place in an English speaking environment I decided to put down my personal notes from the study tour on my blog in English as well.