12. September 2010

Social Media Aktivitäten: Seminar und Bled eConference

Ich möchte kurz über zwei geplante Social Media Aktivitäten informieren:

Im Dezember 2010 bestreite ich zusammen mit einem Kollegen an der FHS St. Gallen ein ganztägiges Seminar zum Thema Social Media – Mehrwert für die Soziale Arbeit. Weitere Informationen sind in einem Blogpost auf dem FHS eSociety Blog abrufbar.

Im Rahmen der 24. Bled eConference im Juni 2011 werde ich einen Special Interest Track mit dem Thema Social Media and Web 2.0 organisieren. Die erste Version des Call for Papers für die Konferenz ist Online abrufbar.

Aus der Beschreibung des Tracks Social Media and Web 2.0:
Although the term “Web 2.0” comprises rather recent developments they have a huge impact already. In eCommerce, Social Media are being utilized not only for marketing and communication purposes but for the development of products and services and other fields as well. In Businesses and other organizations the notion of Enterprise 2.0 changes the way employees collaborate and communicate with each other and with partners and customers as well. And we all are being affected as individuals, be it as employees, as citizens, as patients, as students, as researchers, as community members or as consumers.

The purpose of this Special Interest Track is to present and to discuss latest developments and experiences in the field of Social Media and Web 2.0 within societies as such, within and between organizations, and from the perspective of the individual as well. Possible topics to be addressed include but are not limited to:
  • Development, application and utilization of Social Media and Web 2.0 in different fields, e.g. eCommerce, eBusiness 
  • Societal issues, e.g. the new digital public, eDemocracy, eInclusion 
  • Research, learning and teaching issues, e.g., eLearning, eScience 
  • Success factors, pitfalls, and barriers for adoption.

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