25. Januar 2020

Smart Sustainable Cities - Special Interest Track an der 33. Bled eConference

Im Rahmen der 33. Bled eConference habe ich die Freude den Special Interest Track Smart Sustainable Cities zu organisieren.

Der Track beschäftigt sich mit verschiedenen Herausforderungen smarter Sädte, Gemeinden und Regionen. Im Zentrum soll dabei die Frage stehen, wie digitale Technologien zur Verbesserung der Lebensqualität von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern beitragen können:
"The Smart City idea offers concepts and solutions for cities, communities, as well as regions to cope with current challenges occurring in the form of demographics, urbanization, climate change, resource crises, mobility challenges, global competition as well as open and participatory societies. While the early smart city concepts focused on technology first and foremost nowadays the citizens and their quality of life is the starting point for many activities. In line with the overall theme of the 33rd Bled eConference the track will focus on utilization of any technology to contribute to the quality of life of citizens. As especially in Europe cities a rather small in average and often linked to further communities in a region, the track will focus on smart cities, communities as well as regions. Therefore, the track continues the eRegion tradition of the Bled eConference. We look forward to receiving papers addressing various issues of a smart city, such as, strategies, frameworks, concrete solutions and cases, service and business models, benefits and challenges, covering all the various smart city dimensions from smart energy over smart mobility and sharing economy to smart governments and smart citizens, utilizing different methodological approaches.(Call for Papers)

Im Rahmen des Tracks sowie der gesamten Konferenz soll den Austausch und die Diskussion über aktueller Forschungsarbeiten ermöglicht werden. 

Ausgewählte Beiträge werden zur Publikation in Electronic Markets und anderen ausgewählten Journals via einem Fast Track Review Verfahren eingeladen.

Weitere Special Interest Tracks beschäftigen sich mit den Themen
  • Digital Health
  • Digital Wellness
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • Education and Learning in the Digital Society
  • Business Models

Die 33. Bled eConference steht unter dem Rahmenthema

Enabling Technology for a Sustainable Society

Die Konferenz findet vom 28. Juni bis 1. Juli 2020 in Bled, Slowenien, statt. 

Das weitere Angebot der Bled eConference im Überblick:

  • fully-refereed Research Track and Research in Progress Track, devoted to researchers in all aspects of digital transformation;
  • Doctoral Consortium, offering students to present their ongoing master’s and PhD study results;
  • ePrototype Students Bazaar, offering students opportunities to present innovative digital Business ideas, models, prototypes and apps;
  • Panels, Workshops and Meetings.

Der vollständige Call for Papers

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