29. September 2011

First Hand Experiences and Valuable Insights in How To - Social Media Study Tour Day 4

Michael Stoner
After having very inspiring and interesting days in the Silicon Valley of our Social Media Study Tour we stayed in San Francisco on the fourth day.
In the morning we had a very hands on workshop with Michael Stoner (@mStonerblog). In his presentation he discussed Online Communications 2011 + Beyond focusing on the main drivers challenging traditional communication patterns:

  • external changes addressing an increasing competitive environment, 
  • internal changes addressing an increasing competitive and less controllable environment within organizations and thus the struggle over balance of stability and change,
  • new realities addressing five key issues:
  1. 'Everything is connected to everything else
  2. 'It’s time to get real about social media meaning to realize the potential of social media for universities
  3. A Facebook page is not a social strategy
  4. The net is in your pocket, where you are focusing on the mobile revolution
  5. An online presence doesn’t just happen.
Furthermore, Michael discussed success factors and barriers for a successful social media implementation giving valuable concrete inputs based on his experiences.

In the interactive part we worked on concrete issues at our respective institutions giving some valuable further insights.
In the afternoon we visited our third university, we met Lena Shaw (@LenaShaw) from UCSF. UCSF's credo:
"UCSF is using social media to connect and collaborate with members of the community to engage them in an ongoing conversation and raise understanding of the University's excellence in patient care, research and education - while actively managing and growing a community of online supporters."
Lena Shaw
Lena shared her very concrete experiences about strategy development, UCSF's social media tool kit, best practices and some recent example of social media use at UCSF. 
This webdoc summarizes Lena's valubale presentation nicely. 

This fourth day complemented the precious days as we got some first hand experiences and valuable insights in the How To.  

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